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seeking Klemm papers

Otto Klemm apparently did great work on binaural localization, including time-intensity trading. But I can't find a clear statement of how small a time difference he found to be detectable. One paper says 2 microseconds, but I suspect that's wrong.

I have his 1913 and 1914 papers (freely available online), but can't find these more important later ones:

Klemm, Otto (1918). Untersuchungen uber die Lokalisation von Schallreizen. 3. Mitteilung: Uber der Anteil des beidohrigen horens. Archiv für die gesamte Psychologie, 38, 71-114.

Klemm, Otto (1920). Untersuchungen über die Lokalisation von Schallreizen. 4. Mitteilung: Über den Einfluß des binauralen Zeitunterschiedes auf die Lokalisation. Archiv für die gesamte Psychologie, Bd. 40, 117­146.

Does anyone have or know where to find them?