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job openings at Oldenburg University, Germany

Dear list,

I'm pleased to announce several job openings at Oldenburg University.
For more information please contact Birger Kollmeier

Best regards, Volker Hohmann


Universität Oldenburg, Centre for Hearing Research

For establishing junior research groups for the Research Cluster
"Hearing for all"  (*www.hearing4all.de*) that has entered the final
round of the German excellence initiative, we are seeking for
    a) 5 Postdoctoral fellows  (E13/14, 2 years initial term)
    b) Senior research fellow (A13, 3 +3 year term)
    c) Junior professor (W1, 3+3 years term)*

in one of the following areas
.    Hearing research
.    Audio Signal processing
.    Audiology and medical acoustics
.    Auditory neuroscience (1 PostDoc Position)
.    Implementing an auditory brain-computer interface (1 PostDoc Position)
.    Speech communication

(details of the positions see www.hearing4all.de --> Jobs). Option for a
prolongation and (competitive) options for a tenured position depend on
the success of the cluster application.

For positions a) (3 positions), b) and c) we are seeking for candidates
with a PhD (or equivalent) degree in electrical or biomedical
engineering, physics or computer science, who have an excellent research
and publication record in the field of acoustics, signal processing,
speech processing and/or auditory perception.

For one of the Postdoctoral positions a), candidates should have an
excellent PhD in Biology, Neuroscience, Genetics or related relevant
subjects. They are especially qualified if they have experience with one
of the following methods: neurophysiological in vivo or in vitro
recording, imaging (e. g., voltage sensitive dyes) or RNAi
interference of the PostDoc

For one of the Postdoctoral positions a), candidates should have an
excellend PhD in Psychology, Biology, Physiology or a related subject
and international publications and practical experience in the areas
Psychophysiology (EEG), Advanced computational skills and Signal
analysis techniques (e. g. FFT).

A strong interest in interdisciplinary and application-oriented work,
familiarity with scientific tools and programming languages, as well as
good English language skills are required.

The successful applicant will join one of the research groups in the
centre for hearing research that is performing top-level hearing
research and its applications to hearing instruments within the cluster
"Hearing4all" in an interdisciplinary and research-sector-transcending
environment (see www.hearing4all.de).

In case of a success in the ongoing grant application procedures, the
successful candidate should actively contribute to the envisaged
Forschergruppe "Individualisierte Hörakustik" and the envisaged cluster
of excellence "Hearing4all". Within this framework, successful
applicants will have the chance to establish their own junior research
group and to acquire one of the tenure track options available for
successful postdoctoral researchers in this program.

Applications (including a CV and a list of publications) should be sent
to the Centre for hearing research, Universität Oldenburg, D-26111
Oldenburg, Germany. Review of applications will  end on May 31st, 2011.

The University of Oldenburg is an equal-opportunity employer that seeks
to increase the percentage of female faculty members. Women qualified
for this position are therefore especially encouraged to apply.
Applicants with disabilities will be preferentially considered in case
of equal qualifications.

Further information: Prof. Dr. Dr. Birger Kollmeier


PD Dr. Volker Hohmann
Medizinische Physik
Fakultät V - Institut für Physik
Universität Oldenburg
D - 26111 Oldenburg, Germany
Tel. (+49) 441 798 5468
FAX  (+49) 441 798 3902
Email: volker.hohmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
WWW: http://medi.uni-oldenburg.de
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