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Impossible BM oscillation?

Dear colleagues,
I have submitted to the upcoming Forum Acusticum 2011 in Aalborg (June 27-July 1) a contribution "Cochlear evanescent liquid sound-pressure waves near localized oscillations of the basilar membrane". I derived the corresponding liquid-sound pressure function above and below the BM (in a cochlear box model) by superposition of the evanescent liquid sound-pressure waves generated by three miniaturized tuning-fork prongs; that sound-pressure function fulfils the Laplace equation. The corresponding (standing) BM oscillation has a central antinode and two adjacent shallower antinodes. Today I (finally) calculated the BM stiffness function S(x) which agrees with that oscillation. The stiffness at the central antinode is plausible: S = 1.7* S_res, where S_res = M * omega^2; M = BM surface mass density = 0.1 kg/m^2; f = 1 kHz. At distance-from-base x different from x_peak, however, the resulting BM stiffness differs strongly from the just mentioned value. Now I fear that "my" localized BM oscillation may be impossible. I plan to retire the mentioned Forum-Acusticum contribution; but before doing so, I would like to ask whether list members are willing to look at my manuscript and at the excel file of the mentioned new calculation, and to send me comments.
With many thanks and best wishes,


Reinhart Frosch,
Dr. phil. nat.,
CH-5200 Brugg.
reinifrosch@xxxxxxxxxx .