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CfP AES 45th Int. Conf. on Applications of Time-Frequency Processing in Audio



*Applications of Time--Frequency Processing in Audio *

Dates: March 1--4, 2012
Location: Helsinki
Chair: Ville Pulkki, 45th_chair@xxxxxxx <mailto:45th_chair@xxxxxxx>

Audio is commonly processed in the frequency domain. More precisely, 
input audio signals are divided into a number of fre- quency channels or 
bins that are processed separately, also taking into account the 
temporal information. The aim of such pro- cessing can be data 
compression, audio effecting, or enhancement of audio quality. A benefit 
of these processing methods is to mimic the structure of human hearing, 
which is based on a similar time--frequency analysis of signals arriving 
at the ear canals. There are many applications, such as audio 
compression techniques (mp3 and AAC), that take advantage of the 
resolution of the human auditory system. Time--frequency processing is 
also applied actively in sound analysis and synthesis, as well as 
in speech processing. An emerging field consists of multichannel and 
spatial applications utilizing time--frequency processing.

This conference will give a broad overview of the state-of-the-art 
applications of time--frequency processing in audio. It will also 
include a tutorial by Bernd Edler on the mathematics involved in such 
applications. All contributions to this conference will use 
time--frequency processing in some way, although the individual 
applications of the processing will differ. This diversity of 
applications will foster a cross-fertilisation of ideas, leading to 
improved techniques throughout the entire subject area. Invited talks 
will be given by three experts in the field: Torsten Dau will discuss 
the time--frequency resolution of human hearing in the context of 
hearing aids, Karlheinz Brandenburg will give an overview of different 
approaches using time--frequency processing in audio coding, and Anssi 
Klapuri will discuss the different time--frequency processing methods 
used for analysis and synthesis of audio.

The conference committee invites the submission of complete manuscripts 
(maximum 10 pages, 3000 words) by October 5, 2011 at 
www.aes.org/45th_authors <http://www.aes.org/45th_authors>. You 
can visit this website for more information and style templates anytime 
after August 15, 2011. We welcome contributions in all relevant areas, 
including but not limited to the topics listed below. The manuscript 
should detail the problem statement, work performed, methods employed, 
conclusions, and significance of the paper. Please follow the general 
guidelines found at https://secure.aes.org/authors/guidelines/. 
Acceptance of papers will be determined by the 45th Conference review 
committee based on full-paper review. Accepted authors will be notified 
by December 5, 2011. These authors could be required to revise their 
papers based on the reviews; if so, revised manuscripts will be due by 
January 5, 2011.

Complete call for papers is available in