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Re: looking for recommendation for in-ear microphones

There is a B&K alternative that uses the same mic capsules, but could
save you two or three thousand dollars.  Len Moskowitz has been
selling them for over 20 years.



Tony Miller | Motorola Solutions | Acoustic Technology Center

On Thu, May 26, 2011 at 6:16 PM, Eric Benjamin <ebenj@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Michael,
> My best binaural recordings have been made using the Bruel & Kjaer 4101 binaural
> microphone set.
> http://www.bksv.com/products/transducersconditioning/acoustictransducers/binauralheadsets.aspx
> These are essentially a stethoscope-like framework that places two DPA 4060
> miniature microphones at the entrance to user's ear canals.
> This product has two downsides, however. The first is that it's expensive, and
> the second is that it is fiendishly uncomfortable. The fact that B&K supply a
> diffuse-field frequency response calibration for the system is a big plus.
> Feel free to contact me off the list if you would like a more detailed
> accounting of my experiences with that device.
> Eric Benjamin