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Re: looking for recommendation for in-ear microphones


My best binaural recordings have been made using the Bruel & Kjaer 4101 binaural 
microphone set.  


These are essentially a stethoscope-like framework that places two DPA 4060 
miniature microphones at the entrance to user's ear canals.  

This product has two downsides, however.  The first is that it's expensive, and 
the second is that it is fiendishly uncomfortable.  The fact that B&K  supply a 
diffuse-field frequency response calibration for the system is a big plus.

Feel free to contact me off the list if you would like a more detailed 
accounting of my experiences with that device.

Eric Benjamin

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Subject: looking for recommendation for in-ear microphones

Dear list,

I am looking for recommendations and information about good in-ear microphones. 
(My aim is to record good subject dependent directional hearing cues for later 
use in experiments with in-ear headphones.)

Anyone out there with suggestions / experience?

Thank you for any help,


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