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Re: quick and cheap setup for localization experiment

Dear Massimo,

just some thoughts:
1) If the speech processor has an in-line input, using it would be more comfortable for the listeners then using headphones. Also, the test would be done in a more controlled way (better calibration, constant coupling of the sound source and processor)
2) With one implant only, the localization performance in terms of an externalization will be very, very limited. Even lateralization will be limited - correct guessing the right side would be already a success.
3) Training and adaptations are important. Let the listeners use the devices for at least few weeks and train them to the task.
4) For the hardware a simple surround sound interface (for 6 loudspeakers) or stereo interface (for headphones) is sufficient. You could use some speakers placed at different positions in the room and then run a loudspeaker identification task.
5) As in all CI test, expect huge variability - we use many repetitions to reduce this problem.

Good luck,


Massimo Grassi wrote:
Dear all,

I've been asked by a doctor of the local hospital to organize a set of psychoacoustical tests for two teenagers that will receive the cochlear implant the next month.
The idea is to test the auditory skills before and after the implant. (Note that the girls will receive the implant in one ear only at the beginning.)

I was thinking also to get a measure of localization skills. And here come the questions:
1) can a lateralization experiment (i.e., performed with headphones) be a reliable estimate of localization skills?
2) does anybody have suggestions about a possible DIY, easy-to-build and cheap setup for a localization experiment? (pictures are welcome)

Thank you all in advance,

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