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Gammatone Filter...

Dear Colleagues,
thank you very much for the paper and code links, I'am going to try various 

Currently I modified the implementation done by Ning Ma :

I wondered if I could split the filterbank into 2 parts, one high frequency and 
one low frequency (downsampled). But that will complicate the outcome a lot, 
as I use the filterbank also for onset detection. I'll try it as a last resort, 
but it seems a good idea.
I would be really interested in alternatives, but I wonder what do you mean by 
better solutions. I am particularly interested in the phase output of the bank 
and the time resolution. If you can suggest me a potentially beter solution I 
would be really grateful.

I am planning to participate in the MIREX competition so I am going to reveal 
more details there.

Thanks again,