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Professorship Opening at UPMC / IRCAM in Paris

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Professorship Opening at UPMC / IRCAM in Paris

The Faculty of Engineering at UPMC (Université Pierre et Marie Curie) is going to open  a full professorship position in Music Informatics to be filled at the Faculty's Computer Science Dpt  (teaching part) and iRCAM's STMS lab (research part) .

The STMS (Sciences & Technologies of Music & Sound) Lab is the scientific kernel of IRCAM's R&D Department. It is a joint institution of IRCAM (Institut de recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique), CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and UPMC.

Applicants with strong backgrounds in Computer Science -- Music Informatics will be sollicited to apply online for the position on the Education & Research Ministry's  "Galaxy" Server (online application expected to be in service between end of august and end of september).
The appointment will start on the second term in 2012. More info will be posted as soon as available.

Candidates currently in the french academic system need to have obtained an HDR (Habilitation à diriger les recherches) and the "Qualification  aux fonctions de professeur des universités".

Candidates currently in a foreign academic system need to show an equivalent level, typically tenured faculty or tenure track faculty with sufficient amount of years of experience. They will need to join an official  document from their department  justifying their academic rank and experience.

Position details  :

Concours PR
Profil : Informatique musicale / Music Informatics
Section CNU N°27
UFR 919 
Labo d'accueil :  UMR 9912

More info by the end of august at :

Useful links :

UPMC (Université Pierre et Marie Curie) :  http://www.upmc.fr
UPMC Faculty of Engineering :   http://www.ingenierie.upmc.fr/

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