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Re: musical complexity

Hi Tom,

my (perhaps obvious) guess is that the answer to the question about which music-complexity measure is appropriate does and should depend on how it is used in practice (e.g., analysis of musical structure for music-theoretic purposes vs. accounting for behavioral judgments of music materials vs. machine learning classification). "Understood" is probably too generic, and usage considerations might help you with constraining your literature search and getting recommendations that are more relevant to your interests.



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On 11/08/2011 4:29 PM, Tom Cochrane wrote:
(apologies for cross postings)

Dear listmembers

Does anyone know of any important articles or books which discuss the
issue of musical complexity? I am particularly interested to find papers
that debate how musical complexity should be understood at a high
theoretical level. For instance, should musical complexity be understood
in purely information theoretic terms or in terms of our psychological
capacity to predict and remember (e.g. analogous to the way that
amplitude differs from perceived loudness)?