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Re: musical complexity

Dear Tom,

in addition, maybe some (german) publications within the field of systemic musicology might also be of interest to you, for instance
Louven 1998, who also provides an english summary in his dissertation:

title = {Die Konstruktion von Musik. Theoretische und experimentelle Studien zu den Prinzipien der musikalischen Kognition},
  year = {1998},
  author = {Louven, Christoph},
  number = {1},
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Louven (as well as for instance Jobst P. Fricke, some papers might be found online) deals with meaning of music and decoding by the listener (beyond primitive auditory scene analysis, including the generation of schemata), which might also be important for raising questions concerning the "complexity" of music (or what the latter means for the listener).

All the best,

Dr. Wolfgang Dreier
Mascagnigasse 19/5
A-5020 Salzburg

Am 11.08.2011 16:29, schrieb Tom Cochrane:
(apologies for cross postings)

Dear listmembers

Does anyone know of any important articles or books which discuss the
issue of musical complexity? I am particularly interested to find papers
that debate how musical complexity should be understood at a high
theoretical level. For instance, should musical complexity be understood
in purely information theoretic terms or in terms of our psychological
capacity to predict and remember (e.g. analogous to the way that
amplitude differs from perceived loudness)?