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Re: Dirk Jan Povel

Dirk will be remembered tomorrow at the Society for Music Perception &
Cognition meeting (currently underway in Rochester, NY).  A friend and
colleague of his, Dr. Richard Ashley, will speak about Dirk at our society
business meeting, where many researchers and students will be present.

He will be missed by many in our field, both for his good-natured
personality and his excellent scientific work.  For those of you who might
not know his work, his 1985 paper with Peter Essens in Music Perception,
"The perception of temporal patterns," is a classic, and influenced many
subsequent studies of rhythm perception.

Ani Patel

> Please allow me to mention something personal.  I visited Dirk-Jan in
> 1987,
> and he gave me an opportunity to give a talk.  I was just at the beginning
> of my career, and I was very glad that I could discuss some issues with a
> researcher I knew very well in the literature.  After going back to
> Leiden,
> which was my home base at that time, he wrote me a long letter to
> encourage
> me to continue my research in the field of time perception.  Dirk-Jan was
> a
> very kind man and an excellent teacher.
> Yoshitaka Nakajima
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> This is sad news indeed. Dirk was a wonderful person and a terrific
> scientist - he will be sorely missed.
> Diana Deutsch
> On Aug 12, 2011, at 1:23 AM, Leon van Noorden wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> yesterday we commemorated the passing away of Dirk Jan Povel after an
>> incurable illness.
>> He underwent this predictable end of his live in a philosophical way. He
>> stayed the same cheerful person till the end.
>> He made a invaluable contribution to our understanding of the perception
>> of rhythmic patterns.
>> Leon van Noorden