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Re: Dirk Jan Povel

Please allow me to mention something personal. I visited Dirk-Jan in 1987, and he gave me an opportunity to give a talk. I was just at the beginning of my career, and I was very glad that I could discuss some issues with a researcher I knew very well in the literature. After going back to Leiden, which was my home base at that time, he wrote me a long letter to encourage me to continue my research in the field of time perception. Dirk-Jan was a very kind man and an excellent teacher.

Yoshitaka Nakajima

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This is sad news indeed. Dirk was a wonderful person and a terrific scientist - he will be sorely missed.

Diana Deutsch

On Aug 12, 2011, at 1:23 AM, Leon van Noorden wrote:

Dear list,
yesterday we commemorated the passing away of Dirk Jan Povel after an incurable illness. He underwent this predictable end of his live in a philosophical way. He stayed the same cheerful person till the end. He made a invaluable contribution to our understanding of the perception of rhythmic patterns.
Leon van Noorden