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Suggestions for touch screen tablets for auditory experiments

Hi All,

I am working on a program to present nonsense syllables (CV and VC) at various SNRs and in various filter conditions. In past work I’ve used Matlab to develop the base program, TDT software for stimulus presentation and Matlab for GUIs that allow subjects to respond via mouse click on a computer monitor.


However, I’d like to branch out and use a touch screen monitor to collect subject responses. My target population is elderly hearing impaired listeners and my thought is the touch screen response system may be easier than using a mouse. The screen would need to be large enough to clearly display all the consonant (23) and vowel (3) options for my stimuli.


I’ve not done this type of programming and am hopeful that some of you with experience might direct me to specific touch screen monitors that would be appropriate and computer programming languages (if Matlab won’t do it) to use to develop this type of program. I’m also working on a budget for this so any information regarding approximate costs for specific touch screen monitors that would be appropriate for this type of experiment would also be appreciated.


Just starting out so all comments are appreciated.


Thanks much,




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