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Re: dynamic compression of comertials

This has been receiving quite some attention over here in Canada lately:
"The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission will now make that a thing of the past starting September 1, 2012."
Who has time for TV anyway?
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On 11-09-20 1:37 PM, Crockett, Brett wrote:
Dolby has created a very sophisticated loudness control algorithm that
has been integrated into TVs, Home Theaters and now PC laptops.

It uses a combination of perceptual loudness and auditory scene analysis
that are quite interesting.


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Hi Zlatan,

In the United States, there is an act called CALM that limits perceived
loudness of TV Ads, which will be enforced by the end of this year.
Loudness measurement will be done according to ITU-R 1770 standard.


I'm not sure if other countries have similar laws, but in Europe, EBU
has a similar standard:


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On 2011/09/20, at 20:04, Zlatan Ribic wrote:

Dear List,
compressed comertials in broadcasting are much louder if compared with
"standard" program. Is there any norm limiting this misuse?