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Re: experiment builder software

Hi Theresa,

if you are looking for psycho-*acoustical* software, then you could have
a look at "psylab":   www.hoertechnik-audiologie.de/psylab
It is a very flexible collection of scripts written in Matlab for
building and running a variety of detection and discrimination
experiments, including data collection. The most common combinations of
n-AFC and adaptive up-down algorithsm are readily supported, including
interleaved runs for threshold estimation if you wish, and matching

What is left to you is to program/implement the generation of your
acoustical stimuli, in Matlab.

psylab ist free GPL'ed software and is tested well on windows and linux
by some 200+ students and others over the years.  My students tell me
that is it working on Mac as well.
(Due to some Matlab-related version upgrade problems, it is not yet
working on the very newest 2011 versions, but I can supply you with a
quick fix for it.)


Prof. Dr. Martin Hansen
Jade Hochschule
Studiendekan Hörtechnik und Audiologie
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On 26.09.2011 21:52, theresa veltri wrote:
> Hello all, 
> I am currently looking for MAC software that will let me build, run, and analyze psychological experiments. So far OpenSesame seems to be the best application that I have found. But I would prefer to keep looking. Please could you send me any suggestions that you have? 
> best, 
> theresa veltri