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binaural impulse responses request

Hi there,

my name is Eleftheria Georganti and i am working with binaural signals lately… I would like to examine statistical properties (time/frequency domain) of binaural signals recorded in different types of rooms.
I have already used some binaural room impulse responses (BRIR) that are available online  (Aachen database, Oldenburg Database, TKK database-Finland) for my research but it would help a lot if i had more data. 

I was wondering if any of you is willing to share some binaural responses recorded in real rooms.. 
 BRIR measurements of any distance, orientation, in any room are welcome :-)

Thanks for your time,

Eleftheria Georganti
PhD student

Audio & Acoustics Technology group
Electrical & Computer Engineering dep.
University of Patras

email: egeorganti@xxxxxxxxxx
tel: +30 2610 996838