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Re: calibration of insert earphones

I use a 4157 for the task of measuring insert earphones, but that's because I 
got a really good price on it.  I falls into the category of "If you have to ask 

I've observed that the measured sensitivity of insert earphones depends on how 
far you shove them in, which stands to reason.  As such, if you just want to 
measure the sensitivity of different devices it may depend as much on your 
consistency as it does on the gadget to you use to make the measurements.  I 
have built a 2cc coupler that suffices for measuring sensitivity.  If you would 
like to correspond about that, contact me off-list.

Eric Benjamin.  


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Subject: calibration of insert earphones


I am researching the equipment necessary to properly measure the level of 
signals reproduced through insert earphones.

I suspect the best way is to use one of these babies:


Can anyone please give me a rough estimate of the cost of a B&K artificial ear?

Are there cheaper ways to measure earphone levels that don't contemplate buying 
equipment delivered with a mahogany case (e.g., building a home-made coupler for 
the level meter)?!? For my applications a level-measurement error of, say, ± 3 
dB might be acceptable.



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