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Re: calibration of insert earphones

Long time ago when we used the Etimotic insert earphones, we did what Eric
does: build a 2cc coupler and follow the B&K procedures.

On 12/4/11 3:34 PM, "Eric Benjamin" <ebenj@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I use a 4157 for the task of measuring insert earphones, but that's
>because I 
>got a really good price on it.  I falls into the category of "If you have
>to ask 
>I've observed that the measured sensitivity of insert earphones depends
>on how 
>far you shove them in, which stands to reason.  As such, if you just want
>measure the sensitivity of different devices it may depend as much on
>consistency as it does on the gadget to you use to make the measurements.
> I 
>have built a 2cc coupler that suffices for measuring sensitivity.  If you
>like to correspond about that, contact me off-list.
>Eric Benjamin.  
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>From: Bruno L. Giordano <bruno.giordano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Sent: Sun, December 4, 2011 12:19:16 PM
>Subject: calibration of insert earphones
>I am researching the equipment necessary to properly measure the level of
>signals reproduced through insert earphones.
>I suspect the best way is to use one of these babies:
>Can anyone please give me a rough estimate of the cost of a B&K
>artificial ear?
>Are there cheaper ways to measure earphone levels that don't contemplate
>equipment delivered with a mahogany case (e.g., building a home-made
>coupler for 
>the level meter)?!? For my applications a level-measurement error of,
>say, ± 3 
>dB might be acceptable.
>    Bruno
>Bruno L. Giordano, PhD
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>Voice Neurocognition Laboratory (CCNi, Glasgow Univ) &
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