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Re: Error Bars ( 95 % CI or SE)

A belated addition: it is sometimes the case that neither the SEs nor the CIs of the means of two conditions are particularly important or informative (over and above a description of the distributions) but rather that the SE or CI of the mean *difference* between the two conditions is important and informative thing to present and discuss. Cheers, Daniel


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Coming back to the original question: 

CI's are calculated with a formula with the CE in it... They are different ways of plotting the same results. 


Best, Kim White

2011/12/11 Stuart Rosen <s.rosen@xxxxxxxxx>

Let me put forward a dissenting opinion. What you should display in your graph is neither of these but a boxplot which will give a true picture of the distribution of values that you found rather than a statistical inference which depends as much on the number of participants you used as any difference in performance between the two groups. You are going to do a statistical test anyway (and you could quote an effect size) so why waste the opportunity to give more information?

Yours - Stuart Rosen

On 11/12/2011 01:18, Vijay M R Marimuthu wrote:

When we have a d' group result (between 2 experiments),
A. Which ERROR BAR is most appropriate to use (Binomial Distribution) ?
95 % confidence Interval or Standard Errors of the Mean.