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Export Wav file calibration

Dear all,

I have recently downloaded the loudness toolbox from Genesis because of its capability of measuring N10 loudness from a wav file. Our lab has a basic ArtemiS software that can record loudness level but not N10 loudness. I was able to export a pure 94dB tone (calibrated at 94dB) to wav and open it with the loudness toolbox. But, the pressure(Pa) shown in MATLAB is not comparable to what I have in ArtemiS. After a few days of trial and error I found out that loudness toolbox in MATLAB read the wav file with a pre-set 85dB calibration factor. Since I can not scaled down the 94dB file to 85dB because of overmodulation, is there a way for MATLAB to import the wav file with 94dB calibration?

Thanks in advance!
Best Regards,