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visualization of textural sounds, part 2

Dear colleague,

i'd like to invite you to spend a few minutes on a new online survey evaluating the visualization of textural sounds at 


Many of you have kindly taken part in the previous online survey some months ago and therefore helped to get started the research project. Your input was very valuable - it helped to show that using appropriate graphical representations can be very effective for browsing sound databases. Some preliminary results have already been presented at the DAFx-11 conference in October.
Your input was used to tune the graphical representations, so that now there is an even tighter connection between auditory and visual perception - to be evaluated with the aid of this new survey.

On average, grading a minimum 30 sounds takes only 3-5 minutes - the full survey of 100 sounds only a quarter hour.
Please use Firefox, Chrome or Safari - other browsers might work or not.

many thanks in advance, 

Thomas Grill