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Re: software too...

and with somewhat similar goals as DSAM there is the Auditory Modelling Toolbox:


The goal of the AMToolbox project is to collect and maintain auditory models, including the experiments used to verify them. All the models are written in the Matlab scripting language, or in C with Mex interfaces.

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There is also the the development system for auditory modelling: DSAM: http://dsam.org.uk

It is a computer library allows contains many established auditory models to be used via a simple scripting interface.  The library supports most sound file formats, threaded parallel processing and also contains many useful analysis and utility functions.  There is a java interface which can be used on most versions of Matlab (which support Java) and a simple application which can be used on all platforms, executable installations existing for Windows and Linux.

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On 8 March 2012 21:17, Ray Goldsworthy <raygold@xxxxxxxx<mailto:raygold@xxxxxxxx>> wrote:
It was also suggested that we bring together open-source toolboxes for hearing research.  I think this is a great idea.  Here are the ones I know of:

APEX : https://gilbert.med.kuleuven.be/web/index.php/Public:Software/APEX
MLP : http://www.psy.unipd.it/~grassi/mlp.html
Percept : http://www.sens.com/percept/
Psycon and miscellaneous tools:  http://auditorypro.com/download
PsySound3 : http://psysound.wikidot.com/

please let me know if you have other general software utilities developed in your labs that you make available for research use and I will try to summarize....Ray

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