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Re: UNSUBSCRIBE - Why the list

Psychoacoustics is not my primary field. I find everything on this list to be of value. I retain about 400 postings per year. Each year, I repost about 40 - 60 postings to the [more general] electroacoustic [music] community, passing information and ideas on to another up to 750 [or more] people who work in the cognate discipline of electroacoustic studies [high art electroacoustics / composition included].

Job posting and conference announcements here inform large numbers of undergraduates as to the reach of the field of sound study. For items which do not have sustained interest, I find the DELETE key is quick and reliable.


On 2012, Mar 24, at 9:39 PM, Al Bregman wrote:

> Hi Everybody,
> May I make the following suggestion to deal with the objection of some
> list members to receiving job notices?  People who were posting a job
> or position opening could start the Subject line of their posting with
> the phrase "Position available".  Those who didn't want to look at
> such postings could just set up a filter in their email programs to
> delete messages whose subject line contained this phrase or direct
> such messages to a separate folder.
> Best,
> Al
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> On Sat, Mar 24, 2012 at 8:35 PM, Bruno L. Giordano
> <bruno.giordano@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Some numbers are never a bad idea.
>> Barry is right in observing an accelerating job-posting trend (see figure;
>> 2012 is rough expected number of messages with either job or position or
>> professor in subject). I was expecting a valley of death around 2008, but I
>> see only a tiny meaningless dip.
>> This trend is comforting to myself and to many individuals: I do hope it
>> keeps up, at least until I find my dream job ;-)
>>        Bruno
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>> Bruno L. Giordano, PhD
>> Voice Neurocognition Laboratory (CCNi, Glasgow Univ) &
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>> On 24/03/2012 10:42 PM, Marcelo Caetano wrote:
>>> Hello everyone,
>>> I don`t want to be rude or create any problems, but I happen to think
>>> that if someone just wants to leave the list, all the person needs to do
>>> is follow the instructions onhttp://www.auditory.org/ (copied below for
>>> reference). I had the impression that Barry also wanted us to know the
>>> reason he chose to leave. Even though I don`t think this alone is a
>>> reason for remarks, I do believe it to be a good topic for discussion.
>>> Marcelo
>>> PS. In time, I found my current postdoc position here
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