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Re: Video effects

Hello Ken,
what Kevin is pointing out is that you can trim your speakers images from a still background. This is commonly done by creating a neutral green or blue background that easily allows to trim figure from it. Zooming you will see how grosely the soft trims, sometimes you do not need to zoom to see it. Rapid movements in the figure are more dificult to isolate.

With this technique you will still need to produce your urban backgrounds. This will be best done with the same camera and lens you use for the figures.

Light and angle will enhance the illusion if keeped matched during figure and background takes.

This is the home made way to go, or you jast can paste some stocked background videos. Try at least to match camera and archive material resolution.



2012/3/27 Kevin Austin <kevin.austin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Âblue screen software chroma key software


On 2012, Mar 27, at 1:05 AM, Ken W. Grant wrote:

> I'm looking for a way to film people reading words and sentences and then place them in
> different background scenes, like a busy street with pedestrians and cars going by or a
> cafeteria with a lot of activity. Does anyone know a good software program where these two or
> more source films can be merged and flattened so that the filmed talkers appear to be part of
> the background scene? It doesn't have to be perfect like Lucas or Spielberg, but I'd like it to
> look somewhat realistic.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ken
> kenneth.grant@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> www.avspeechlab,com

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