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Perspectives on Rhythm and Timing, University of Glasgow (UK), 19-21 July 2012

A three-day interdisciplinary workshop, Perspectives on Rhythm and Timing (PoRT), will be held from 19-21 July at the University of Glasgow, UK. See below for more information. Online registration closes at midnight on 8 July. Day rates are available. Please visit the conference website www.gla.ac.uk/rhythmsinscotland to access the registration page and programme. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Perspectives on Rhythm and Timing (PoRT) is a three- day interdisciplinary workshop to be held at the University of Glasgow from 19 to 21 July 2012. PoRT is intended as a forum for rhythm researchers from a range of disciplines to debate and learn from each other’s theoretical and methodological advances. The work to be presented ranges across neurobiology, musicology, linguistic phonetics, poetry, forensics, computational modelling, psychology, clinical linguistics, and sociology. KEY PAPERS: Timing in talking: What is it used for, and how is it controlled? Alice Turk (University of Edinburgh) & Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel (MIT) Speech rhythm: A mirage? Francis Nolan & Hae-Sung Jeon (University of Cambridge) Resonating to rhythm Edward W. Large (Florida Atlantic University) Slave to the rhythm: The roles of auditory processing in speech production Sophie K. Scott, Carolyn McGettigan & Zarinah Agnew (University College London) Timing and prediction in audition: From sound to speech Sonja A. Kotz (Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig) Manifestations of rhythmic disorder across different tasks and measures in speakers with dysarthria Anja Lowit (University of Strathclyde) WORKSHOP FORMAT: Each day of the event will have an orientation session, with two invited talks on contrasting themes followed by a discussion by one respondent. Research papers and posters will be presented in the afternoons. Additionally, a tutorial on coupled oscillator modelling of dynamical systems will be held on the third day. The provisional programme can be downloaded from: http://www.gla.ac.uk/media/media_234409_en.docx ONLINE REGISTRATION: Registration closes at midnight on Sunday 8 July. Registration costs GBP 135 (full rate)/GBP 115 (concessions). Day rates are GBP 50/ GBP 40. Please visit www.gla.ac.uk/rhythmsinscotland to access the registration page. CONTACT: PoRT is organised by Tamara Rathcke and Rachel Smith (University of Glasgow). Contact the organisers at port.workshop@xxxxxxxxx SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Fred Cummins (University College Dublin), Anja Lowit (University of Strathclyde), Katie Overy (University of Edinburgh), Tamara Rathcke (University of Glasgow), Rachel Smith (University of Glasgow) SUPPORT: PoRT is funded by a Royal Society of Edinburgh Workshop Award ‘Rhythms in Scotland’. WEB: www.gla.ac.uk/rhythmsinscotland TWITTER: @RiS_2012