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Re: exploitation of "Auditory List" as a free "Article Request" list

Dear List -

I am forwarding on the attached message from Dick Lyon which appears
to have been intercepted by the Listserv system.

For the record, I agree that trying to codify "rules" is probably
clumsy and ineffective.  If people exercise their own judgment in not
responding to requests that seem "abusive", then I hope the system
will indeed self-regulate.  Personally, I find it hard not to be
pleased by, and sympathetic to, any instance in which someone is
actually interested in reading a particular article in our field!



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From: "Richard F. Lyon" <DickLyon@xxxxxxx>
To: Iftikhar Nizami <nizamii2@xxxxxxx>, AUDITORY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2012 09:10:26 -0700
Subject: Re: exploitation of "Auditory List" as a free "Article Request" list

The free email for members at acm.org and ieee.org does not include
free access to journal articles, nor does it imply any other
connection than membership.

I agree about the outrageous practices of the journals, including
those from orgs that I'm a member of, but as long as the law is what
it is, we should be careful about publicly violating it or asking
others to do so.

I think the positions we heard about not abusing the system are
appropriate.  On the other hand, I'm happy to share what I have, and
often happy to ask for copies of what others come up with.  When I'm
looking for a paper, I go first through the paywall (my employer
covers it), which is usually the quickest and surest way to get what
I'm looking for.