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Re: Longcat AudioStage

Dear Brian and others,

What I am looking for is simply some software that allows me to produce auditory stimuli, enabling me to present it binaurally in stereo headphones. I need to be able to control the virtual position rather precise.

Thank you, Gaëtan, I will definitely look into that!

Best regards,

2012/9/14 Brian Katz <brian.katz@xxxxxxxx>
What are you actually wanting to do? This will greatly affect your choice, and there a numerous ones out there with VERY different results and constraints. 

-Brian FG Katz

On 14 sept. 2012, at 15:07, Frederik Nielbo <frederiknielbo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear list,

I am wondering if any of you have experiences with Longcat AudioStage in your work with audio spatialization - is this the best software available, are there any major limitations, what are the alternatives, etc.?

Best regards,
Frederik Nielbo
Center for Semiotics
Aarhus University