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iOS/Android developer (W/M) position at IRCAM


A full time position for 9 months is immediate available
at IRCAM, in Paris France. Please don't hestitate to
distribute to interested parties.

Kind regards


Job offer: iOS/Android developer (W/M) for 9 month, full time starting
as soon as possible.

Introduction to IRCAM
IRCAM is a non-profit organization that is associated to the Centre
Pompidou (Centre national d’art et de culture Georges Pompidou). Its
missions comprise research, production, and education related to
contemporary music and its relation to science and technology. Within
the R&D department specialized teams are conducting research and
development in the areas of acoustics, sound signal processing,
interaction, computer music and musicology.

IRCAM is located in the center of Paris near the Centre Pompidou at 1,
Place Igor Stravinsky 75004 Paris.

A full time C/C++ developer position is immediately available in the
analysis/synthesis team of IRCAM. The analysis/synthesis team is
researching and developing new and advanced algorithms for sound signal
analysis, synthesis and transformation.

The objective of the work is the porting of a number of existing
software projects to the iOS and Android platforms. The software
projects are written in C++ making strong use of the template methods.
The current version of the projects is already supporting multiple
platforms (Linux, MacOS, Windows) as well as different processors (32bit
intel, 64bit intel, powerpc) using the cross platform build system
cmake. An important constraint of the intended development is to include
the new platforms into the cmake build system.

Development Tasks
The candidate will perform the following tasks:

- Adapt existing cmake projects for cross compilation to iOS and Android.
- Adapt the existing code, (notably the parts implemented for AltiVec
and SSE/SSE2 SIMD) for compilation on ARM.
- Optimize compiler settings for the 2 target platforms.
- Adapt the code base for special constraints on the target platforms
(e.g. low memory).
- Investigate and manage compatibility constraints of the compiled software.
- Creation of installable packages for demonstration and distribution
- Documentation of the cross compilation project.

Required Experience and Competence
- Excellent skills and long experience with development for iOS and
Android platforms.
- Excellent knowledge of the NEON as well as SSE/SSE2 SIMD instruction sets.
- Excellent knowledge of the gnu c and c++ compiler collection.
- Excellent knowledge of the C/C++ programming language (including
- Experience with the cmake build system.
- Basic understanding of digital signal processing algorithms.
- High productivity, methodical and autonomous work, creativity, good
communication skills, and excellent programming style.

According to background and experience.

Before December 15th, 2012.

Please send your resume with qualifications and other pertinent
information preferably by email  to:

Axel.Roebel(at)ircam.fr (Axel Roebel, head of the analysis synthesis team).
Or by fax to: (33 1)44781540, to Axel Roebel.
Or by surface mail to: Axel Roebel, IRCAM, 1 place-Stravinsky, 75004 Paris.

Axel Roebel
Head of the Analysis/Synthesis Team, IRCAM
Phone: ++33-1-4478 4845 | Fax: ++33-1-4478 1540