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Audio iOS developer needed at SF/NYC startup

Hi all,

If you are an iOS developer interested in audio, this could be a great job for you. DJZ (pronounced "dee-jays") is a new startup focused on bringing EDM closer to fans and aspiring dj's, and the vision of the app is very much open to your interpretation and ideas! The app seeks to be somewhat educational, highly approachable, and extremely fun, with priority on UI/UX and high fidelity of audio effects. You'd have the help of an existing iOS developer (of DJZ TxT) and a small team of other developers. Position is paid with excellent perks.

Please contact jobs@xxxxxxx or me at gina@xxxxxxx if you are interested, and please pass on to any interested parties!

Gina Collecchia


iOS App Developer Needed for Mobile DJ App

Job Description:
DJZ, a venture capital funded startup EDM media company, is building an iPhone app that teaches people how to DJ through a series of interactive lessons. The app also functions as a stand-alone DJ app allowing users to load their own songs and perform basic DJ functions (crossfading, beatmatching, looping, timestretching, audio effects, etc).

We need an iOS developer to build this app, along-side another skilled iOS developer. You should have a positive attitude and thrive in a team environment. Experience with audio development and a passion for music is a big plus.

This is an immediate hire, we are looking to begin building ASAP.

Skills Needed:
You have experience shipping iOS apps with the iOS SDK in Objective-C. Preferably, you are conversant in:
You can build functioning things quickly without incurring too much technical debt. You are competent in iOS idioms, but enjoy trying things you've never done before. You can make and follow a plan, but aren't afraid to experiment. You have made great things and want to make more. 

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, Information Technology, or equivalent

preferably NYC, San Francisco, or Portland. We are willing to work remotely with the right person.

About DJZ: