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CHSCOM2013 - Register before 30 April - Second internation al Conference on Cognitive Hearing Science for Communicati on, June 16-19 Linköping, Sweden

Second International Conference on Cognitive Hearing Science for Communication (CHSCOM2013), June 16-19, Linköping, Sweden


We look forward to welcoming you to an exciting new conference and to Linköping University.
Many prominent researchers have accepted to give a talk (see
www.chscom2013.se). Keynote speakers at the conference are:

Susanne Gathercole

Nina Kraus
Frank Musiek
Arthur Wingfield


The first conference in 2011 was a real hit and has boosted research in the field. We believe that this second conference will be just as successful.
Some of the themes addressed at the first conference have been retained, some will be explored further, and others are quite new. This reflects
the development of the field. Conference speakers represent the international cutting edge of Cognitive Hearing Science.


Further information and registration before 30 April at: www.chscom2013.se


Kindly forward this email to other interested parties, mailing lists and networks.


On behalf of the Organisation Committee


Helén Johansson
Chair of the Organisation Committee
Linnaeus Centre HEAD,
The Swedish Institute for Disability Research, www.ihv.se
S-581 83 Linköping University



Thomas Lunner
Professor (adj.), PhD

Eriksholm Research Centre                    Linnaeus Centre HEAD

Rørtangvej 20                                                The Swedish Institute for Disability Research

3070 Snekkersten                                          Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning

Denmark                                                       Linköping University

Direct:     +45 4829 8918                                 581 83 Linköping

Mobil:     +46 7093 81298                               Sweden

Email:     tlu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx                          Email: thomas.lunner@xxxxxx

Website: www.eriksholm.com

Eriksholm pursues audiological
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significantly enhance end-user
benefits in future hearing care.
We work in close collaboration
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