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Call for participation: Hacking Audio and Music Research (HAMR) 2013

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Call for participation: Hacking Audio and Music Research (HAMR) 2013

June 28 - 30th 2013
Columbia University
New York, NY

Researchers are invited to participate in HAMR 2013, an upcoming hackathon focusing on the development of new techniques for analyzing, processing, and synthesizing audio and music signals.  HAMR will be modeled after a traditional hack day in that it will involve a weekend of fast-paced work with an emphasis on trying something new rather than finishing something polished.  However, this event will deviate from the typical hack day in its focus on research (rather than commercial) applications.  Individuals and groups are invited to spend a concentrated 48 hours working on novel research in any of the following areas:

* Music informatics
* Audio, speech and music signal processing
* Machine listening
* Environmental sound analysis
* Computer music
* Computational auditory perception/cognition

In addition to HAMRing out work, the event will include presentations, discussions, and informal workshops.  Registration is free and researchers from any stage in their career are encouraged to participate.  Those interested in proposing a research project should submit a short abstract using this form by May 19th, 2013.  All other individuals who would like to attend should fill out this form.  Further details can be found on the HAMR 2013 website.  Updates will be announced on the hamr-discuss Google group.