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[AUDITORY] Sound proof booth and EEG recording

Dear list members,

we are about to buy a IAC soundproof booth and, because here many people do EEG recordings, we were thinking to have the booth electrically shielded. The booth will be used to run psychoacoustics, cognitive science and neuroscience experiments.

Here comes the problem. What is the best way to carry the EEG-signal from the inside of the booth to the outside of the booth?

So far we thought two possible solutions.
1. Place a panel on the booth's wall that has (inside and outside) the specific plug of the signal cable that comes out of EEG amplifier. In practice, we interrupt the signal cable at the booth's wall. 2. Make a hole on the booth's wall. The hole starts high in the inside of the booth, runs downward inside the booth's wall and arrives low at the outside of the booth. I this way the booth is acoustically safe because the hole is not direct and the EEG-signal cable is not interrupted, but it needs to be very long (wild guess about 6/8 meters).

Some of my EEG colleagues are unhappy with both solutions because:
1. You interrupt the signal cable and this interruption could introduce artefacts in the EEG-signal. 2. The cable is too long and this could introduce artefacts in the EEG-signal.

Is there anybody out there that had this same problem and that can suggest me which is the best way to solve it?

All the best,