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Re: [AUDITORY] PESQ and other speech quality algorithms

Dear Graham:


Thank you for addressing this.  Somehow I had the idea that because the ITU is a United Nations agency, its work is freely available to all, or at least to those countries having UN membership.


Christine Rankovic



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Dear Nicolas,


Thank you for your very detailed and precise response.  My apologies for not being able to come in earlier on these posts.




Yes, in summary, publication within a book of previously copyrighted

material is itself an infringement of copyright, and then the fact that

patents may be incorporated within that is further infringement. If the

code within Loizou's Speech Enhancement book does not use the same code or

patents then this might not be an infringement (other than trade name).  I

would hope so since to the best of our knowledge Mathworks don't have a

license agreement to be able to publish or distribute PESQ.


Regardless of source or application it is everyone's liability to care

about third parties' intellectual property rights, whether they are

patents, copyrights or trademarks.




There are various examples that could be considered, but probably that of

pharmaceutical R&D is most analogous here. Papers are published all the

time of copyrighted and patented material, but it is very well understood

that those developments are strongly defended if there is ever indication

of infringement.




Once again, I will say that the offer is there, to use a fully conformant

time limited version of PESQ, for qualified academic purposes, on

application from OPTICOM.




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