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Re: [AUDITORY] Good introductory literature on cochlear implants

I teach our CI class and the textbook I use is Programming Cochlear Implants by Wolfe and Schafer. It's far more up to date than any of the much more expensive textbooks authored by M.D.s (not that I have anything against M.D.s; their books are just always really really expensive) and it explains the technical aspects as well as programming, with lots of attention to the specific details of the devices made by the 3 different manufacturers. A new edition is slated for March 2014 but the 2010 is terrific. 

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Hi Stuart,

It might be worth considering Niparko's book.  There's not a lot of detail on programming but the Wilson/Dorman chapter is in the same vein as the Loizou article you mention.  


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