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Audio Research Internships at Adobe Research

Adobe Research is offering audio research internships in San Francisco in 2014, working with Gautham Mysore, Matt Hoffman, and/or Paris Smaragdis. We are looking for PhD students who are excited about pushing the state of the art in the field. We work on a variety of audio problems, particularly with a machine learning focus, such as source separation, speech enhancement, audio event detection, content based audio tools, and audio tools for video production. The internships are typically in the summer, but we will consider off-summer interns as well. We have just started recruiting, and would love to hear from you!

Our intern projects typically lead to publications in top tier conferences and journals, patent applications, and/or technology transfer to Adobe products. This year, our papers with student interns and collaborators have received best student paper awards at Interspeech and ISMIR, a Google travel grant award (essentially a best student paper award) at ICASSP, and an AES student design competition gold award. Additionally, some of these projects have led to features in Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro. You would also have an opportunity to partner with our new Disruptive Innovation Group - a small team of engineers and entrepreneurs who develop new products with our research - making it possible for you to see your work in consumers’ hands.  

We are especially interested in fostering ongoing collaborations, and are open to projects that last beyond the internship and become part of your PhD thesis. We compensate interns well, and strive to create an environment that is both productive and fun. Our office is in the heart of San Francisco and a short walk from the Caltrain station. To apply, please send an email to research-internships@xxxxxxxxx with your CV and a list of your research interests. Please use the following title in the email, “Audio Research Internship”.