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Re: ioLab Response Box


Lincoln Smith who (I believe) is the founder of ioLab systems, popped up on the PsyScope mailing list last year (http://psy.cns.sissa.it/sympa/arc/psyscope/2012-02/msg00004.html), inviting people to email lincolns@xxxxxxxxxx

However, in my case it required repeated e-mails over many weeks to get a response and - even after payment had been made - to actually get an iolab box.

In addition, the box was faulty, worked intermittently, and finally not at all, and more e-mails over the last year have not had any response.

Of course, other people's experiences may differ and the iolab box may in general work fine.



On 04/12/13 21:01, Kathryn H Arehart wrote:

I need to procure an ioLab Response Box for some experiments I am
initiating in my lab.  I have tried repeatedly (to no avail) to order
one directly from ioLab.   Because those efforts have not produced any
results, I would like to find out if anyone has a spare button box from
ioLab that they might be interested in selling.     And if you have any
tips about how to actually procure one from ioLab directly, I’d
appreciate that input too.


Kathy Arehart


University of Colorado Boulder

Mark Wibrow
PhD candidate
Department of Speech Hearing and Phonetic Sciences
University College London
Room 326, Chandler House
2 Wakefield Street
United Kingdom