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Forming sequential objects

Dear List members,

   One of my students is interested in starting a project on the
segmentation of a stream of sound into a sequence of "objects".  She
is not necessarily going to study this process in music but in the
context of simpler laboratory-generated sounds.

    I would be interested in seeing anything on this issue.  Do any
of you have any references on the formation of sequential objects?  I
know that the Gestalt psychologists drew some diagrammatic examples
showing that a repetitive pattern would induce segregation between
the repetitions, and also though that discontinuities would sause
sequential objects to emerge.

    I also know of:
Royer & colleagues, 1970, 1986
Handel 1973, 1981
Nabelek et al, 1973
Smuzynski & Houtsma, 1981
Preusser et al, 1970

Are there any more?

Al Bregman