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reference to A.A. Mayer on masking

Dear auditory mailing list members,

I am looking for a reference on the first report of masking. Does anybody
have a copy of this work that they could fax me, or do they have any information
that I dont have. All I know is:

Mayer, A.A., Phil. Mag. 11, 500, 1876. (Fletcher's book)

I assume that this refers to Philosphy Magizine, vol 11, page 500.

I also found:

Mayer, A.M., (1984) Researches in acoustics, Lond Edinb. Dubl. Phil Mag. 37, 5,
        (Jeffress article in Tobias, 1970)

Patterson and Green also refer to A.M. rather than A.A. Mayer.


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