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Re: pitch

Al Bregmen wrote:

>This issue also comes up in talking about timbre.  The waveform
>by an instrument has no timbre (if one reserves the word "timbre" for
>describing experience) but can be described by a number of physical
>variables. I think of timbre as a dimension of the experience of
>(SOUND2) that results from the physical "sound" (SOUND1).  It would be
>helpful if we had a different word for SOUND1 and SOUND2, but we don't.
>we did, the old philosophical question, "Does a tree falling in the
>make a sound if there is no one to hear it?", would never have been
>thought to be a puzzle.

Forgive me if I'm oversimplifing the problem, but I resort to the
following definitions:

SOUND1 = acoustic wave
SOUND2 = sound

Thus, using these definitions, a tree falling in the woods produces an
acoustic wave and also creates a sound if there is someone present to
experience it.

Dan Mapes-Riordan

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