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Job announcement

Position Announcement

Research Audiologist
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

Starkey Laboratories is a privately-owned, multinational company engaged
in the development and manufacture of hearing aids and other
hearing-related devices.  Starkey maintains its world headquarters in
Eden Prairie, MN, and has manufacturing and sales facilities in 20
countries around the world.

The person in this position will function as a member of a
multi-disciplinary research team responsible for Starkey’s program of
advanced hearing research and development of digital hearing aids.

Job Functions include:

1. Work as a member of Starkey’s Advanced Research group in design,
execution and analysis of results of experimental studies of normal and
impaired human hearing, with specific application to development of
digital hearing aids
2. Test human subjects in the Hearing Research Laboratory (recruit and
schedule subjects, fit experimental devices, maintain subject records,
archive and summarize data)
3. Perform audiological assessment of research subjects
4. Participate in design, development, and testing of new methods for
hearing-aid fitting


1. Graduate degree in audiology (master’s or doctoral) required
2. Basic computer skills:  Microsoft Word and Excel required;
experience with statistics and data plotting tools desirable
3. Good organizational skills
4. Interest in hearing research and willingness to learn technical
5. Some hearing research laboratory experience preferred, but not

Send notification of interest and resume to:

Dianne Van Tasell, Ph.D.
Director of Research
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.
6600 Washington Ave. So.
Eden Prairie, MN  55344

E-mail responses preferred:  dianne_vantasell@starkey.com