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Auditory Models

Thank you very much for all the references I received to my questions about a review of auditory models.
Here is a summary of your replies:

Cooke, Martin: Modelling Auditory Processing and Organisation
Cambridge University Press, 1993
H. Hawkins, T. McMullen, A.N. Popper, R.R. Fay: Auditory Computation
Springer Verlag, 1995.

Dick Lyon suggested Malcolm Slaney's publications
and some of his own papers

Martin Vestergaard:
Last year (July 1-12) there was a conference in Tuscany on Computational
Hearing, where Steven Greenberg (steveng@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU) was on the
Organising Committee. For that event a quite comprehensive two-volume course
reader was put together that comprises an excellent collection of scientific
papers on this very topic. In case additional copies are still available you
might be able to get such one.

John Beerends:
If you want to measure audio and speech quality with such an auditory model
these ref's may be of interest.
The first ref also contains ref's to well known other models.

[1] J. G. Beerends and J. A. Stemerdink, A perceptual audio quality measure
based on a psychoacoustic sound representation, J. Audio Eng. Soc.
40:963-978, December 1992

[2] J. G. Beerends and J. A. Stemerdink, A perceptual speech quality measure
based on a psychoacoustic sound representation.  J. Audio Eng. Soc.
42:115-123, March 1994

[3] J. G. Beerends, Audio quality determination based on perceptual
measurement techniques, in
M. Kahrs and K. Brandenburg, editors, Applications of Digital Signal
Processing to Audio and Acoustics, The Kluwer International Series in
Engineering and Computer Science, Volume 437, Kluwer Academic Publishers,
Boston, March 1998 (equivalent to KPN Research publication 96-607).

[4] ITU-R Recommendation BS.1387, Method for objective measurements of
perceived audio quality, December 1998.

John Lazzaro:
Here are some links about analog VLSI implementations of auditory models:

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