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Re: [AUD]: "Song Stuck in Your Head" phenomenon

Hi -
  I was sent the enclosed query by a local journalist.  Does anyone have
  any information to share about the experience of having a song 'stuck
  in your head'?

*Warning: personal anecdote - hit delete key to avoid*

The "song stuck in your head" can be a social phenomenon.
I was once working in a closed environment - a cruise ship with 8 staff.
"Tea for Two" was our accursed tormentor. As soon as you thought you had it beat, and had managed to go,
say, 24 hours without being plagued, a less fortunate colleague would pass by inadvertently whistling the tune,
and there you were stuck again.
This went on for a couple of weeks - the captain nearly had us all fired.
And then as quickly as it came, it passed.

- lonce