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Re: [AUD]: "Song Stuck in Your Head" phenomenon

The dictionary translates Oorworm (that's Dutch for Ohrwurm) into Earwig.

Can't help it. It's the animal, not the exact translation, that one needs (I
guess). Otherwise a Butterfly should be translated into Butterfliege instead
of Vlinder (Dutch) or Schmetterling (German).... (or how do you write it in


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> > This may or may not be of interest, but in German a song stuck in your
> > head is called an "Ohrwurm" (lit. "earwig").  Very descriptive! :)
> I may be wrong here, since I'm not a native English speaker, but I think
> "wig" is not the correct translation for "wurm", because the German word
> "Wurm" means "worm", while "wig" has (according to Merriam Webster's
> dictionary the following meanings:
> 1 a : a manufactured covering of natural or synthetic hair for the head
>  b : TOUPEE 2
> 2 : an act of wigging : REBUKE
> Therefore I'd suggest "earworm"...
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