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Re: apologies

Dear Alain, Bruno, Christian and others,

I happen to disagree with Bruno: apologizing always takes courage and Alain
just showed us that he is a scientist of sufficient stature to give us
proof of his courage. Than k you, Alain, in the name of all of those who,
like me, expressed dislike (in private correspondence to me) of a
scientific debate becoming personal.

Christian', concerning your argument on the likelihood of the Titze model's
applicability to musical pitch in speech, as a psychophysicist you must
know that we don't perceive the extreme frequency as the pitch of an FM
sweep. Depending on the rate of FM, it has been demonstrated by many (e.g.,
Nabelek et al. in the 70s) that the pitch is (a) uncertain and (b) its
average value will be somewhere on the FM trajectory. So, proponents of
musical speaking will have to come up with a different argument.


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