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Pre- and postdoctoral positions available

Predoctoral and postdoctoral positions will be available in the Wisconsin
Speech Perception Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin -- Madison
beginning this summer or in fall.Two central goals of our work are to
understand how speech and other complex sounds are represented in the
auditory system, and how experience shapes the way perception is organized.
We use multiple methods towards these ends including performance of human
and animal subjects in a broad array of tasks. We also conduct
computational simulations of hearing and learning, and use
neurophysiological recordings in collaborative efforts to reveal auditory
encoding. In addition to basic research projects, we are doing some applied
work relating to computer speech recognition and hearing aid design. The
University of Wisconsin has many outstanding auditory and language
researchers providing a particularly rich environment for intellectual and
scientific development.

In addition to bringing high degrees of inquisitiveness and energy to the
laboratory, suitable applicants should have good quantitative and signal
processing skills. Experience with Matlab is especially helpful. For more
information, please contact Keith R. Kluender at krkluend@facstaff.wisc.edu.