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Re: Speech intelligibility and spatial information

I am not sure about the word opposite. Given, my ability to focus on an
object has been limited to preferably one point, the most relevant one.
I would need extra effort as to reconcile different central locations
for audition,vision, and expectation.
I prefer to close may eyes because the singer might be fat while the
conductor looks to those who have to play in the foreground. He is
"speaking" with his musicians while I am introverted into myself.
So Mr. Bregman is correct.
What puzzles me is the optimal angle of listening. Arn't we slightly
turning our head either to the left or to the right as to optimally
pick up a just noticeable sound and locate it, presumabl by ITD?
If we are facing someone, we are expressing maximal attention by
looking straight into his or her eyes. Turning the head would possibly
be understood as scepticism or the like.

Eckard Blumschein

At 10:19 17.09.2001 +0200, Lazlo Toth wrote:
>On Sun, 16 Sep 2001, Qiang Fu wrote:
>> We would like to close our eyes when we are trying to
>> "concentrate", which helps us listen carefully.
>Yes, this is exactly my thinking. But Mr. Bregman said just the opposite,
>(he prefers looking at the [supposed] source), that's why I wonder whether
>there is difference between concentrating on music and concentrating on