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Re: Pitch orientation-discriminating feature detectors?

Dear Eliot / (list),

We found some evidences that memory based pitch-orientation detection
(see. Naatanen R. et al., (2001) Trends in Neurosciences 24(5), 283-288)
might take place in human auditory cortex. (Korzyukov O.et al., (2002)
Intern.Journal of Psychophysiology vol.45, No 1-2, p.103). If anybody is
interested in more details I will be happy to answer.

I would be very appreciated for any information about memory to the
pitch-orientation (any species).



Eliot Handelman wrote:
> Dear list,
> Do we happen to know of anything indicating the existence of
> pitch-orientation selective cells in any species, eg cell-assemblies
> responding specifically to, say, upward moving pitch, rather than
> downward movement?
> A further question: do we happen to know whether pitch difference
> sensitivity responds to orientation of movement?
> Many thanks for any pointers.
> -- eliot
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> Eliot Handelman PhD
> Montreal, Canada

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