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Re: high quality sound system for fMRI

Dear Thomas,

I'm not aware of any good off-the-shelf MRI-compatible earphones.
(There was a branch of PST that had a product weeks away from
production for several years, but I think nothing came of it.)  We
arranged to have GEC Marconi in the U.K. make us a system similar to
what they made for the Nottingham group (Alan Palmer, Deb Hall, et
al.), but I don't know if  they'll want to do that again.  The
Nottingham group have developed their own electrostatic headset  - you
can have a look at it on their web site

We are having a local company build us an electrostatic headset.  You
may be able to adapt a high-end electrostatic audio headset (e.g.,
Sennheiser, Koss) to your needs.
       - Mike Ravicz

Mike Ravicz, Eaton-Peabody Lab., Mass. Eye & Ear Inf., Boston MA 02114
+1 (617) 573-5591; FAX +1 (617) 720-4408; mer@epl.meei.harvard.edu
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        but in practice, there is." - Charles Wells