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Re: Molding of pinna for dummy head

Ooooh, this brings back some nasty memories of lying on my side whilst
having mold goo shoved into my pinna!  It's been at least 10 years or so but
I do recall it being worthwhile to work with someone involved in plastic,
er, reconstructive surgery.  We did a few ears at U of Florida with some
docs and then I tried to do a mold with hearing folks at Penn State a year
later.  The UF molds were much nicer.

As for the dummy head, you can go down to LA and have a special effects
group laser scan your own head and then give you a computer model for
molding, hopefully with a material of similar acoustic impedance to skin and
hair.  Worth it just to freak out your office mates every once in a while or
play hooky from work.  ;-)

David Prince

Eric Benjamin wrote:

Dear List,
I am in the process of constructing a dummy head, and I would like to be
able to make molds from my own ears and others' ears, and use them on the
dummy head.  Can someone on the list tell me how to do this, or refer me to
a publication that tells how to do it?
Eric Benjamin